Top Ten Reasons For Letting Go Of The Past

letting go of the pastEach of us has struggles in our past which weigh us down and hold us back. One of the hardest parts of life is letting go of the past. However, many people struggle because our problems give us a sense of identity. Having to let go of those problems may be painful but there are many reasons why you can and should give up the problems of your past. These are top 10 reasons why it’s important to let go and move forward.

1. It Can’t Be Changed

While you may be able to change your current and future circumstances, the past simply exists. It cannot be changed by dwelling on it or worrying along the way. However, you can choose to learn from those experiences and apply them to your current and future decisions.

2. You Open Up New Possibilities

When you let go of the problems weighing you down, you actually create a significant amount of space in your life for new opportunities and experiences. Letting go of baggage frees you to pursue your dreams.

3. You Gain Strength

Learning how to give up the past is an exercise in strength although it may not seem like it at the time. When you make yourself move past those experiences, you’re building your own character and determination.

4. You Experience Freedom

Just like freeing up space, you can live your life more fully than you were able to before this time. All of the painful experiences in the past can be an obstacle in your path. However, start to get rid of those problems and you’ll begin to see a new path in front of you. Maybe even one that you didn’t even realize existed.

5. You Appreciate Yourself

This action is also saying that you are not a perfect person, but you are someone who deserves to live a full life. When you embrace your own story, you’re saying that your life has value and you don’t have to live in the past.

6. You Appreciate Others

Many people find that when they give up their past trauma, they begin to build more meaningful relationships with others. Do you feel like your relationships with others are poor? You may be surprised to learn how they improve when you start to work on yourself, by letting go of the past.

7. You Gain Confidence

Many people who have made mistakes don’t feel confident making decisions or being bold in their current lives. Chances are, you remember any mistakes or problems much more vividly than anyone else. Stop beating yourself up and you can approach people and situations from a place of confidence today.

8. Inner Peace

When your past holds you back, you often feel like your life is in turmoil. However, giving up those regrets allows you to feel calmer and at peace with your current self.

9. You’ll Gain Recognition

While this reason is certainly not the most important, you may notice that your boss and coworkers, friends, and family begin to take more notice of you. When you approach each day with a fresh start, you’ve accomplished something that many people haven’t yet and they notice this trait in others!

10. You’ll Improve Your Health

Stress and anxiety over the past can actually affect your physical health. You may notice small but significant ways in which your health improves after learning how to let go.