School Transformed By Meditation

teens in classroom
A middle school in San Francisco once infected by the surrounding violence in the community has been transformed by meditation, according to The Guardian.

The school started a meditation program in 2007 in which students sat down to meditate for 15 minutes, twice a day.

The results of this program have been astounding.

In the first year of the program, suspensions went down by 45%. By 2009-2010, attendance rates became one of the highest in the city at over 98%, and today 20% of the students are admitted to a highly academic high school whereas in the past barely 1 student was accepted. Last year, in a state education department’s survey, the students were found to be the happiest students in San Francisco!

Barry O’Driscoll, the school’s head of physical education (PE), notes:

It’s provided a lot of stability to our school, helping staff and kids get through the stress they have in their lives.

Seeing these results, other schools in San Francisco are also introducing the meditation program.

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