Number One Reason Many People Hate To Exercise

Exhausted female runner catching her breath
We all know exercise is important for our well-being, but why is it so hard for some of us to get in the habit of working out?

According to author Anna Quinlan in her article in Popsugar, it is because we haven’t found an exercise program that we actually enjoy.

Anna says:

…what I’ve learned from all my years of sweating is that the best way to do it is however you actually want to do it.

In choosing the type of workout you should do, she suggests that you should always start with desire, and ask yourself what you want to do.

Anna points out:

If you try to force yourself to do something you hate, you’re likely doomed before you even start. By answering the question of what you want to do, though — whether it’s ballet or hiking or Pilates or swimming or walking with a friend or having tantric sex, for crying out loud — by starting from there, you set yourself up to actually stick with it.

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