Kids Learning Mindfulness

Mother and daughter doing exercise outdoorsAccording to the Wall Street Journal, a growing number of schools are teaching mindfulness to students.

One program lasting 12 weeks was linked to a variety of benefits for children including improvements in:

  • ability to pay attention
  • control their emotions
  • reduce stress
  • lessen depression symptoms, and
  • decrease aggression

However, enticing young ones to practice and stick to meditation takes flexibility and a sense of humor!

Here are things to keep in mind with respect to practicing meditation with children:

  • Do not pressure them to meditate
  • They probably won’t be able to sit still for long; preschoolers may not be able to sit still longer than 10 seconds
  • Doing the meditation yourself and showing your kids may spark their interest
  • A simple practice of gazing into a candle flame may work
  • You can try guided meditation CDs
  • Timers are not recommended
  • You can try having the children lie face-up on the floor
  • Some children will not be able to take traditional meditation postures
  • You can encourage the kids to imitate a frog at rest!

Wall Street Journal