Happiness Is A Choice

Happy funny couple riding on bicycleYou may think that happiness comes naturally for some lucky people, but in reality, their happiness is a result of their choosing to be happy and putting in action a number of things that lead to their happiness.

By choosing to be happy, and incorporating happiness-inducing behaviors, regardless of your genes, background or personality, you can be happy.

However the most important ingredient is for you to make a choice to be happy. Making that choice will enable you to see the world in a different light, from an angle of generosity, warmth, possibilities and miracles. This perspective is so important for you to be happy. Without this world view, no amount of exercise, good relationships or healthy eating can make you happy.

Especially after a traumatic event, making a choice to be happy is essential to live a happy, full life once again. Otherwise, you can go on for years, even decades, being unhappy and miserable. Regardless of our loss or tragedy, at some point, making a choice to be happy is often the only way to live a normal, enriched life once again.

After you have decided to be happy, there are multiple behaviors, based on research, that are said to promote happiness including:

  • exercise
  • whole food diet
  • stress management
  • having a sense of purpose
  • being of service to others
  • performing deliberate acts of kindness
  • nurturing strong social relationships
  • learning to forgive
  • being a better listener
  • focusing on things we are grateful for
  • strengthening your closest relationships
  • taking care of yourself physically
  • taking care of yourself financially
  • taking care of yourself emotionally
  • enjoying life’s simple pleasures

So, no matter what our history, background or current situation, happiness is within reach, but it all starts with an important choice, to be happy.

Huffington Post