Flight Attendants Reveal 6 Travel Beauty Secrets

Stewardess on the airfield. Place for your text.
Experienced flight attendants share their insider beauty secrets on how to protect your skin and keep them supple during long hours of travel.

1. Drink lots of water

Air inside the plane is a lot dryer than you think, and the liquids they serve on the plane are not enough! Make sure to bring your own water on the plane to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Bring essential skin care products

There is no need to go a day without those skin care products you love. Fill them up in miniature bottles, so you can bring them with you.

3. Carry on the Evian spray

Spraying a mist of water on your face during flight is a great way to keep your face hydrated. Add some rose water or finish up with a hydrating serum for maximum effect.

4. Apply sunblock

When you are on the plane that is flying at high altitudes, you are closer to the sun rays that are damaging to your skin. Make sure to apply sun block especially if you will be sitting close to the window.

5. Use moisturizer

Make sure to also apply lots of moisturizer while on the plane. This will help even more with the dry air inside the plane.

6. Eat healthy

Being at high altitudes unfortunately means being exposed to more radiation. Offset the effect by opting for antioxidant rich foods and drinks such salads, fruit and green tea.