Centenarians Share Their Secrets On Longevity


Centenarians now represent the fastest growing segment of the American population, and 25% of children born today are expected to live beyond 100.

While there is no definitive scientific explanation for longevity, the same themes keep recurring in responses from centenarians in interviews.

Here are the secrets they have shared on why they think they’ve lived so long.

1. They keep a positive attitude

2. They exercise moderately (most of them noted basic activities such as walking, biking and gardening)

3. They live independently

4. They have “good genes”

5. They stay mentally active and always learn something new

6. They eat good food

7. They implement clean living (no excessive smoking or drinking, etc.)

8. Due to family

9. Due to friends

10. Due to faith and spirituality

Multiple studies have shown that happiness, contentment and optimism are strongly connected to longevity. Positive thoughts are said to even strengthen your immune system, reduce pain and provide stress relief. So it is not a surprise that centenarians appear to always be a happy and joyful bunch!