Attitude Is More Important Than Intelligence

Darts with quote - I can do it. I will do it.New research from Stanford University shows that attitude is a better predictor of your success than your IQ.

Based on the research, people’s attitude falls under one of the following categories:
• A fixed mindset, or
• A growth mindset

While a fixed mindset person believes he/she cannot change, a growth mindset person believes that he/she can.

Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart notes via Entrepreneur:

People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve with effort. They outperform those with a fixed mindset, even when they have a lower IQ, because they embrace challenges, treating them as opportunities to learn something new.

So, how can you become a growth mindset person? Here are 8 strategies you can use.

1. Don’t Stay Helpless

We all have moments when we feel helpless. The key is to not succumb to the feeling.

2. Be Passionate

Travis notes:

…what you lack in talent, you can make up for in passion.

3. Take Action

Even if the moment is not perfect, it is important is take action. Action is the best way to overcome paralysis that can arise from fear and anxiety.

4. Go The Extra Mile

Go the extra mile, even on your worst days. Travis notes the following comment made by Bruce Lee:

“If you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being.”

5. Expect Results

Expect to have results, even if you inevitably fail from time to time.

6. Be Flexible

Be ready to be flexible when an unexpected adversity occurs, which happens to everyone!

7. Don’t Complain

A growth mindset person thinks there is an opportunity in everything, so there is no reason to complain.

8. Bring It All Together

Keep track of your responses and your progress, and stay the course.

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