Are You Guilty of These 8 Time-Wasting Habits?

Smiling Young woman talking on mobile phoneAuthor Curtis Mchale via Lifehack points out the following 8 habits that are probably causing us to waste time, and preventing us from accomplishing the important goals.

1. Doing What’s Important For Others Not You

We should only work on things important for others AFTER we’ve finished those tasks that are important to us.

2. Saying Yes To Everything

Curtis points out:

The fact is that if you always say yes you really have no margin in your life.

3. Letting Perfection Get In The Way

Seeking perfection may mean never getting things finished!

4. Doing Busy Work

Avoid falling into the habit of being busy but not getting anything important done.

5. Finishing A Book Just Because You Started

There is no need to finish a book if it’s not working for you.

6. Doing Many Things Poorly Instead Of One Thing Well

Curtis advises:

Focus on one thing at a time…Then switch your focus and put all your attention on the next task. Giving intentional focus to each item on it’s own will yield better work.

7. Trying To Remember (Too Many) Things

You may be expending precious brain power trying to remember all those ideas. Instead write them down, and free your brain.

8. Dwelling On What Can Happen

Some people want to account for all potential issues before taking action. Instead, we should take reasonable time to think of things that can potentially occur, but then take the first step. Then we can repeat the process if needed for every subsequent step.

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