A Registered Dietitian Shares Tips For Eating Healthy At Happy Hour

happy hourRegistered dietician Jessica Jones shares following tips via Self on how to eat healthy during happy hour.

1. Pick the restaurant

Jessica suggests controlling your food options by being the one to choose the restaurant.

2. Scout menus in advance

Ease your anxiety by checking out the menu in advance, and even call in advance to see if special orders are possible.

3. Have a taste

Studies show we can get the same satisfaction from a small serving versus a big serving. By all means, have a taste of your favorite pasta, as long as you keep it at just a taste.

4. Stick to water

Choose water instead of a milkshake or a soda. You can save a lot of calories this way.

5. Red wine is your friend

If you must have alcohol, stick to low-calorie and low-sugar drinks such as red wine. Make sure to avoid milk-based alcoholic drinks.

6. Sides are your friend too

By ordering sides that are vegetable-based, you can make your meal significantly healthier and cut down on calories at the same time.

7. Split dessert and fries

We all want to and should enjoy our desserts! Jessica recommends splitting one or two desserts amongst the table.

8. Have fun!

Even if things get a bit out of control with your eating, make sure to have fun. You can always offset it with your exercise routine the next day.

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