9 Ways Gratitude Can Change Your Life

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Several scientific studies have shown that having a mindset of thankfulness can reap innumerable benefits.

According to Sheknows, authors Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough of a study on gratitude and well-being reported:

Participants in the gratitude condition felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic regarding their expectations for the upcoming week. They reported fewer physical complaints and reported spending significantly more time exercising.

Below are just some of the ways gratitude can change your life.

1. Activates You

Research has shown that grateful people were more proactive about their health and tended to exercise more.

2. Helps Fight Illness

Studies have shown grateful people to have better immune systems.

3. Relaxes You

Gratitude has been found to relieve aggression and stress.

4. Better Relationships

Emmons and McCullough note that:

Gratitude appears to build friendships and other social bonds.

5. Makes You Smarter

One study has shown that gratitude is strongly connected to a higher grade point average.

6. Boosts Your Career

Gratitude improves qualities that are important for career advancement such as making you a more effective manager and improving decision-making.

7. Steadies Emotions

Gratitude reduces aggression, and can also help you deal with traumatic events.

8. Improves Self-Esteem

Gratitude allows you to appreciate not only your own achievements but those of other people as well!

9. Makes You Happier

One study showed that grateful teens were 17 percent happier and hopeful.

Author Nadine Avola via Sheknows notes:

Many of the benefits of gratitude simply come from the fact that it makes you more optimistic — and optimism can make us happier and lengthen our life spans.

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