8 Productivity Tips To Live By

productivity tipsWe all occasionally slip into the habit of doing without thinking and end up being unproductive and frustrated. Therefore, it’s always helpful to remind ourselves of ways to stay productive, so we can not only get more done, but leave some room and time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are 8 productivity tips to live by.

1. Small milestones

One of the surest ways to remain productive is by setting small goals and achieving them. Doing so helps cultivate a positive behavior towards success and ultimately remaining productive.

2. Write it down

By writing it down, you will waste less time and energy trying to remember what needs to be achieved. Also by writing down what needs to be done, you are making yourself a commitment to completing the task.

3. Keep away from distractions

Distractions are one of the greatest enemies to productivity. When your energy is directed to distracters, less time and resources will be available to achieve the set target. If you cannot find a quiet place without distractions, create one for yourself, for example by listening to music with your earphones.

4. Batch processing

It is always important to group the same tasks together so as to save on time and energy. Doing so will allow those tasks to be achieved easily thus paving way for more to be done.

5. Take breaks

When working on a task, it is natural that after some time, productivity will decrease. Take some time out to recover the lost energy before getting back to the task. Ideally you should take a break every hour.

Another highly recommended way to take a break is to take a short nap. You will feel truly rested and you will notice your mind operating at a much higher clarity and speed.

6. Think

Before you begin a large task or project, sit down and think about the best way to go about it. By taking the time out in the beginning to think through the task, you will be able to save substantial time and sometimes even money.

Also, if you feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated during a task, step back and think about the situation. You will soon come up with a terrific idea, or realize you are on track after all.

7. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to help you remain productive. Cultivating a sense of activeness at all times will help you remain successful. It doesn’t however have to be intense; a little jog will do the trick.

8. Reward yourself

For any achieved task, it is always good to tap yourself on the back knowing you did it. Have a reward system for yourself for tasks well done. This will work to motivate you to achieve more.