8 Ideas To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

holiday drinks
With the holidays just around the corner and all the holiday decorations brightening the streets, offices and your local malls, it is hard not to feel festive.

Unfortunately we can get so deeply caught up in the fun that we forget to watch our weight only to face deep regret when the New Year rolls in! Here are 8 ideas for preventing holiday weight gain.

1. Don’t Forget That The Holidays Are On A Limited Number Of Days

We sometimes tend to think of the holidays as beginning on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year. The truth is, official holidays are only on limited days – for example, for many people, just Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year (3 days!).

Try to limit any splurges to celebrating and enjoying those days only.

2. Do Not Go Shopping On An Empty Stomach

Around the holidays, there are many holiday goodies such as chocolates and cookies on display at the shop windows and if you go shopping on an empty stomach, you may be tempted to indulge yourself. Make sure to avoid going shopping on an empty stomach to prevent impulsive eating.

3. Limit Alcohol

Enjoy your drinks, but limit yourself to two drinks at any party you attend and even then go for light beers or wine. Drink lots of water while you are at it!

4. Choose Healthy Options At Parties

Even if you are not the host, it is possible to be in charge of what you eat in order to prevent unwanted weight gain. Go heavy on the vegetables and eat small portions of the rest (meat, carbs, dessert) to cut down on the calories. If you fear there may not be many healthy options at the party, eat some healthy snacks in advance of the party, so you can limit what you eat at the party.

4. Keep Moving

Actively mingle with other guests to burn some calories as you work the room. If there is music, feel free to join other people on the dance floor instead of being the spectator!

5. Say No (Politely)

Sometimes food and drinks keep coming at parties, the office, or your friend’s house, but that doesn’t mean that you should eat everything that is handed to you. Say no politely if you are full, or if possible put it aside for another time or to give to someone else.

6. Eat Healthier Regular Meals

If you will be attending a lot of parties, you can try tweaking your meal plans to incorporate more healthy foods. Increase your fruit and vegetable servings at home, to offset the delicious but high-calorie foods you will be eating at parties.

7. Get Enough Sleep

With all the holiday planning, many of us do not take breaks and even do not get enough sleep during this season. Lack of sleep interferes with our hormones and makes us feel hungry even after we’ve had enough food. Make sure to get enough sleep to wash away fatigue and prevent over-eating.

8. Do Simple Exercises Frequently

Especially if you are going on week-long vacations, it is easy to fall behind on our regular exercise schedule. Instead of giving it all up, you can incorporate simple exercises and stretches throughout the day, such as sit-ups, push-ups and downward-facing dog yoga poses. Make sure to also take stairs instead of elevators and escalators. These will make a huge difference.