7 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Relaxed woman breathing fresh air raising arms at sunrise
Even the most self-confident person among us will experience self-doubt in his/her life. It just means that you are human, just like the rest! Put simply, self-doubt is a feeling of dilemma about one’s ability to accomplish something. When left unchecked, it can cause us to completely abandon our course or compromise our ultimate goal. That is why it is important to have strategies in place for those times when you experience self-doubt.

Here are 7 tips to overcome self-doubt to help you continue your journey towards your final goal.

1. It’s ok to let go of the HOW

Yes! It is ok to bypass the need to know how you are going to achieve your goal. More often than not, many of us are unaware of how we will create a path to our dream especially during the earlier days. There is nothing wrong in that. It often happens that we decide a way to achieve our vision and end up thinking that we are not capable of doing it. Instead of the HOW, it is better to focus on the WHO – in other words, have a clear sense of who you need to become in order to achieve your goal.

2. Start with WHY

It is really interesting how the basic words of “How, Who and Why” assist you in clearing your self-doubt. Coming to ‘WHY’, ask yourself why you want to achieve your vision or goal. Also, ask yourself the benefit you are going to get because of it and how it fits into the bigger picture. Also, remind yourself how important it is to achieve your vision. This helps you to stay motivated and drives you towards your vision.

3. Make a decision and commit yourself to it

Define your vision, make a decision to follow a path that achieves your vision, and commit yourself to it. This may sound basic, but it is a lot better than never deciding anything let alone committing to a goal. It is not essential that you decide about how to make things happen, rather it is better that you honor your decision and commit to it.

4. Be a listener to the voice of self-doubt

When you notice the voice of self-doubt climbing up, listen to the thoughts that come up like a listener rather than engaging yourself in them. It eventually helps to deal with those negative thoughts as a third person, where you are more likely to evaluate your response objectively and make logical decisions.

5. Don’t just think it, ink it

Write it all down. The simple act of writing your thoughts either positive or negative will eventually shed light on what is actually going on in your mind. By doing this, you are in a state to observe whether you are driven by your positive motives or the negatives ones and replan accordingly.

6. Stick it out

Do not let the negative thoughts make you give up and stop you from working towards your goal. Look at it this way – it is easy to make self-supporting choices, but the real challenge lies in doing it when the odds are against you. Often times, you need to suffer a breakdown before you can have a breakthrough.

7. You don’t “have to” do anything

Instead of saying to yourself that you “have to” do something, try saying, “I choose to do it”. The sense of choice rejuvenates you and accelerates your course of action. It makes you feel more responsible towards your goal and confirms that you are in control of your vision.

Self-doubt is something that is likely to question your path of achieving your goal, but there is no reason it should stop you from moving forward. Take a few moments and strategize using the above-mentioned tips, and move forward, again!