7 Tips on How to Change Negative Thoughts

how to change negative thoughtsLife does not always run smoothly, and this can make you feel down and have negative thoughts. However, you CAN change your negative thoughts, through repeated practice and execution. Here are 7 tips on how to change your negative thoughts and start having a more peaceful mind.

1. Keep a company of positive people

People who think negatively are energy suckers. It is advisable to stay near those who view life positively; those who focus on good and are happy with their lives. It is easier for you to emulate the positive people and eventually behave like them. Such groups of people boost your confidence and put you back on track.

2. Shelf the habit of judging yourself against others

Whenever you try to compare yourself to those people around you, it develops a sense of inadequacy and dissatisfaction. Stopping this kind of judgment will release your negative feelings quickly.

3. Focus on your achievements

It is absolutely normal to look at the negative side of your life. However, the negatives should not weigh you down. Listing your strengths and things that have made you proud before can help clear negative thoughts. Focusing on your success can help bring a smile back on your face again. It doesn’t matter how big the achievement is; all of them will push you towards positive thinking.

4. Be calm

Taking some time away from work and relaxing can get your mind back from negativity. This can be achieved for example by taking a walk as you meditate. These relaxation activities will slow your mind and keep it from negative thinking.

5. Share your thoughts with someone

Sometimes it is difficult to release negative thoughts if you keep them to yourself. It is helpful to meet someone, it could be a friend, spouse or parent, and talk to them about what you think. This way, you can release the thoughts and bring your mind back to a good shape to address your woes.

In place of speaking with someone, you can also release your thoughts and feelings in a personal journal. Journaling helps clarify the situation, and often times enables you to reach insights on your own.

6. Read lots of motivational quotes

Reading motivational quotes will help you see the glass as half full, and bring energy back into your system. Keep on reading lots of motivational quotes until you feel ready to face the challenges in your life.

7. Assume responsibility for your life and mistakes

Stop the habit of blaming others, and fate to be the determinant of what you do. This is the root of negative thinking. Being the master of your destiny is a big step to being positive in your life.

Good Luck!