6 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarcasm

Cheerful young couple on a city street
Are you or do you know someone who loves to make sarcastic comments? Below are some fun things about sarcasm you probably didn’t know.

1. Sarcasm may be a sign of good brain health
According to research, sarcasm lives in the part of the brain associated with memory, therefore a good cognitive function is required for sarcasm!

2. Sarcasm is a sign you are loved
Sarcastic people dish out their sarcasm more often with people they love.

3. Sarcastic people may be more creative
A study found sarcastic people to do better on creativity tests.

4. Sarcasm is more prevalent than you think
One study found that people use the phrase “yeah, right” sarcastically 23% of the time. Sarcasm has been permeating our lives for some time now.

5. Sarcastic people may be intelligent
The brain has to work harder to produce sarcastic remarks, which may lead to a sharper brain, according to research.

6. Sarcasm may vary by region
One study of college students found that more participants from northern states regarded sarcasm as funny, compared to southerners.

Huffington Post