13 Signs of Toxic People

Stressed young woman
If someone constantly makes you feel uneasy and leaves you feeling insecure, irritable, sad or depressed, you may be dealing with a toxic individual. Below are signs that a person has toxic qualities, and you should be on guard or simply stay away!

  • They seek attention at all costs
  • They are always boasting about their experiences, possessions or social connections
  • They share other people’s personal secrets with you
  • They manipulate you to attain their personal goals
  • They often lie, not only to others but also to themselves
  • They try to involve you in their feuds
  • They prey on anyone weaker than them
  • They dish out disguised insults to you, sometimes in the form of compliments
  • They pretend to be helpless and drag you into their world of self-pity
  • They give vague, unclear, confusing or misleading answers to questions
  • They are in love with themselves, sometimes to the point of losing touch with reality
  • Nothing is their fault, and they often blame other people
  • They shower you with fake compliments to get something from you

If you believe you are having to deal with a toxic person, you can read tips on how to deal with him/her the smart way at Life Hack.

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