10 Small Things You Can Do To Develop Self Confidence

Develop self confidenceHaving self confidence makes you feel unstoppable, even in situations that would otherwise make you feel scared out of your wits. How you perceive yourself has an enormous bearing on how other people see you.

As such, perception becomes reality – and this means that the more self confident you feel, the more the likelihood of success. Whereas there are factors beyond your control that can affect self confidence, using the 10 simple strategies listed below can help you acquire the mental advantage needed to develop self confidence and help you unlock your full potential.

1. Improve your posture

How you carry yourself is telling. Slumping your shoulders and making tired body movement suggests low self confidence. It means you are not enthusiastic about whatever you are doing, and also that you do not perceive yourself as an important person. Simply improving your posture will immediately boost your confidence. This means keeping your head up, standing straight and making eye contact. As a result you will instantly feel more empowered and alert and this will make a better impression on other people.

2. Walk energetically

A slow lethargic walk can denote low self confidence. A purposeful and energetic gait means elevated self confidence. It indicates you have important activities to do, places to go and people to see. Putting a bit more pep in your step will enhance your self confidence even if you are really not in a hurry. Increasing your pace by 25% has been found to make one feel and appear more important.

3. Improve on dressing and hygiene

Clothes will certainly affect how you feel about yourself. You will be consciously aware when your physical appearance is below par. Looking bad will undoubtedly influence your behavior and interactions with others. Mostly, enhancing your personal appearance through simple steps like shaving and bathing regularly, wearing clean clothes and being up-to-date with current styles can produce significant improvement on your self confidence.

This does not, however, mean spending a fortune on clothes. You can just cut down on buying a lot of cheap clothes and buy a few which are of high quality. These fewer and costlier items will most likely last longer than the cheap ones and this can also reduce clutter in your wardrobe or closet.

4. Create a personal speech

You can create a brief personal speech that highlights your goals, strengths and successes. Reciting it mentally or before a mirror frequently can give your self confidence a boost.

5. Be more grateful

Avoid dwelling on what you lack and your weaknesses. Instead, focus on gratitude, daily listing mentally all that you are grateful for. This can be for instance your talents, relationship and past successes. This will boost your self confidence and motivation to work on more success.

6. More complements, less negativity

Negative thoughts about ourselves can be projected to others as gossip and insults. Praising others will help break this negativity trap. Avoid gossip and backstabbing and try to complement others. People will respect you for that, and this will boost your self confidence. Seeing the best in other people will help you uncover the best in yourself.

7. Do not fear being noticed

When in offices or public places like schools or assemblies, most people seek to sit at the back, mostly to avoid being noticed. This betrays low self confidence. Sitting at the front will prevent such irrational fears and build self confidence. The important speakers at the front will also notice your presence easily.

8. Speak more in public

In group discussions, many people avoid speaking up so they are not judged in case they say something stupid. Such fear is unjustified because other people may be having the same fears. Striving to speak more in such discussions will improve your public speaking skills and self confidence. You may also start being recognized as a leader by your social circle.

9. Physically work out

Physical fitness will make you more energized and improve your appearance and hence your self confidence. The discipline involved in physical workouts will also give you positive momentum throughout the day.

10. Contribute more to the world

When we focus too much on ourselves and our desires we perpetually worry about our personal flaws. This can be avoided by focusing on how we can contribute to the world around us. This will enhance self confidence and allow us to give efficient and maximum contribution to the needs of others. Contributing more to the world leads to more personal recognition and success.